Friday, December 14, 2012

Rock Cliff Wall

Sculpted a rock and then made a first blockout pass of a rocky cliff wall texture. There is that rock in the upper right side that looks like it protrudes a lot. So i have to tone that one down. The rest kinda blends pretty well. What do you guys think?

I'll keep polishing this up.

It's an interesting approach that i am taking.

I create the Rock from a sphere, then that sphere i place tons in a 2.5 map. Then i get the heightmap from that, clear the seams and then reimport it into plane at a 2048 resolution map. Now i sculpt details and stuff... and i can still get rid of more seams as i work i repeat this process. It's kinda cool. Saves me tons of time.

Just started this like an hr ago. Very useful.

Let me know what you guys think.

UPDATE: i added the rock i used, and the heightmap i got from it.

UPDATE 2: i added more detail and that bulging rock is not so prominent. Most of the shapes are more uniform so they can tile better. There is more detail coming down from the upper left corner. Thoughts?

UPDATE 3: last details of the day. I hope i can get this finished and painted on monday.

UPDATE 4: more polish, and then some basic paint in photoshop. Some of the shapes show up nicely, but it doesn't have the depth i thought it would. I'll have to do something about that. Maybe do a low poly model instead of a flat plane should help here. Let me know what you guys think.

UPDATE 5: made a low poly version so the shapes pop.

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paxxMa said...

Braulio! I like your approach a lot. How did you get rid of the seems though? in zBrush?