Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Frozen: Olaf's Quest 3DS and DS

EDIT: added two versions of HD sample in Unity.

Game just came out yesterday, so i'll just add some official screen grabs for now to show some of the work done. Soon enough i'll update the post with breakdowns and work done in this title.

As usual, I was in charge of environment work and lighting and texture painting for both envs and characters. Tho the characters didn't really need much attention. Just setting up materials so they show up properly.

This project was pretty crazy, as we had to put together art for 60 levels across 4 themes, the characters and customization for Olaf in like a month. Some nice painted textures in there and variation even tho we had very very limited time. Let me know what you guys think.

More to come soon.

Summer and Winter Props

Most of these are just screen grabs of a few levels in Max without any lighting, particles, or animations. So they feel really static. We did a lot with the few props and lighting, as well as the design format to make each of the levels look different. You get a sense of it being familiar since its always in the same style. But i feel there was variety in how it was executed.

Real Time
You can see some of the levels in real time, with animations, and some effects to add some atmosphere. As well as lighting. Working with white, on characters that are white is not very pleasant. But i think the end result came out quite nice.

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