Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pet Zombies - 3DS

This one is an older one. First project made on the 3DS, so you'll see some of the age, but i still think it came out looking pretty good for the time being. Now we can do a whole lot better, but at least you get to see some of the work done there.

The Zombies
A series of zombies that went through a lot of revisions and through different art styles. Abdul Brown got the sculpts and low polys of the models, i worked on the texture work for this and material setups. Also all of the environments and props, including lighting and concept work.

Nurture VS Torture
We had this thing where you could nurture or torture your zombie... the more your tortured him the dirtier, flies hover around him and the lights and mood would change dynamically. I intended to get a video, but it was too long. Maybe i'll capture one and speed it up. But this are the two opposites screen grabs, and you can see the environment at its regular stage next.

Environment Work
These had a lot of revisions as well. At first we had an oval shaped room, then it was a rectangle. The trick here was to make them look like dioramas. I think some them don't look as fake, but they have a nice mood about them, and the amount of detail we added, even tho everything was low res was a lot.
There were a few more environments i concepted out, but i didn't do the 3d work for those. 

The main menu and the shop.
We had tons of small props. Maybe i'll just compile a big img with all of the ones in the game. But we also had furniture and decorations you could set around your environment. 

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