Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Speed Painting Daily's - Gargoyles

I joined the Draww! blog cuz they have some awesome themes for the week and doing paintings. So i am doing those as well as the ones here at work when i have the time. This week they have the theme of Gargoyles cartoon. So this is the rendition i made of it. I tried to give it an comic book ink and more realistic proportions without loosing that edge and the rough ink strokes. I still have to paint this. Any thoughts or suggestions or color palettes that they think i should use are welcome. So far... that took a little over an hour. using a sketch i made earlier with pen and paper.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Speed Painting Daily's - Halloween woods

Took around 60 mins. Photoshop. Any comments? suggestions? the saturation is a little dark overall, i guess i have to go in and really highlight some areas. also... creating foliage without a custom brush is a pain haha but it looks ok... maybe add some more color contrast with different plants. Maybe add to the eyes some glow... or make the shadowy figures a little more prominent with some light colors behind them to make them pop... and maybe more color on the trunk... at least those are the things i see. Let me know what you guys think.