Thursday, September 12, 2013

Creepy Bug - 20 mins

Flour and Grain Mite

The grain or flour mites are one of the most important mites infesting food and feed products, cereals, dried vegetable materials, cheese, corn and dried fruits. Grain mites proliferate under high moisture conditions and are often found in conjunction with fungal growth. Severe infestations result in brownish tinge over the commodity, called "mite dust" because of the light brown coloring of the mite legs. This "mite dust" gives off a "minty" odor if the mites are crushed. Grain mites are widely distributed throughout the temperate regions, but only occur in tropical areas unless a constant influx of new mites is supplied via contaminated goods.

Think about that since the last few days its been really hot and humid :D

Took like 20 mins

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