Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ben 10 Omniverse 2 3DS

I'll be updating this as i get more work setup to showcase.

Environment work was all me tho, from lighting to textures to design and execution. We really tried to push for a more vibrant look that would show more dynamic lighting and atmosphere.

For this game i did this little guy as far as character work goes. The rest of the character work was mostly texture painting and shader setup in game. Abdul Brown was our character artist,so check his work out. All i did was paint textures on the characters. Except for this guy.

 Patrol Drone
128x128 Diffuse Texture

Early mockups and art pass on design and blockout tiles. Also a good idea on how painted and vibrant the colors were to look in game with placeholder lights. Later we went for more colorful areas that made the environments more moody. But everything was handpainted as far as textures go. I'll post some of those and breakdowns as i compile them.


Some ar Samples of areas in the game with assets and lighting pass. Some of them are really blown out, but as the game moved and played it gave it a cool look while things were flashing and VFX.

Gameplay to show Art.

Screengrabs of the level in 3DS Max. Everything tiled and fit to be themed for different areas of the levels. The pieces were mix and matched to tile with each other, to make different areas. All of it was instanced throughout the level, to be able to make long levels without affecting performance. That is why we can use a high amount of dynamic lights, and in the later levels flashing lights and what not. Also the camera zooms in and out, so we used mip maps to help with resolution. 

 Color hot spots to break the level areas.

Samples of Env Texture work. From the previous Ben 10 we tried to add color and really bold shapes that would show better on hardware. So we spent time hand painting the design and layout of each texture instead of using generic textures. There was more detail and also more consistency across the art. Just a few of the texture work on the level shown. I also baked a lot of the AO into the diffuse, which really helped ground everything, and give it a sense of depth. It's small details, but i think they came together in the end.

Some of the path assets, and how they all use the same texture.
This is another sample of a level with different lighting and what we could accomplish as far as setting and atmosphere goes. 

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